Barn Conversions

barn4Barn conversions have become very popular over the last 10 to 15 years providing people with an alternative option to a traditional house. Barns naturally lend themselves to open plan living which many people now desire. Having access to a large lounge area alongside an easily accessible kitchen and dining space is easy to establish within a converted barn setting. Old barns can be found dotted across the countryside giving their lucky owners the perfect backdrop to gaze at stunning scenery every day. The location of old barns with their internal arched wooden beams and slatted wood accompanied by new, modern heating, insulation and appliances can create the perfect mix of old and new. Restoring the unique fabric of the building whilst incorporating new materials is a difficult recipe to create so choosing the right contractor is essential.

Converting a barn is a major project but the rewards are well worth the effort. The key to a successful barn conversion is planning. From the architect’s drawings to the taps in the bathroom, each element needs to be functional for everyday living but also sympathetic to the buildings structure and setting. Get both elements right and the results is a stunning conversion with a tick in every box, internally and externally.

Each barn conversion is different based on the structure, original materials, layout and future use of the building. At DH Heritage, we carry out traditional barn conversions using tried and tested methods and materials which maintain the character and natural fell of the original building. This includes old style carpentry and joinery, plastering and roofing. Many barns are listed which is where our experience of dealing with a wide range of listed building types and their restrictions can be put to full use. Listed building status and all that encompasses alongside a poor state of repair can make the project much more complex. At DH Heritage, we are very experienced in project managing the whole process from start to finish.

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