Regency and Victorian Period Properties

In the UK, we are privileged to have many distinctive periods in history which can be clearly seen through the architecture of our homes and buildings. Regency and Victorian period buildings are consistently popular and can be restored to their original state both inside and outside with the right expertise to hand. 

The Regency Period covers the years from 1812 to mid-1830s followed by the Victorian Period which ran up to the end of Queen Victoria’s reign in 1901. Homes and buildings of these eras are traditionally very decorative. Small pane windows were the norm during the Regency period followed by traditional larger sash and casement windows throughout the Victorian era. Red brick was the main material in use during Victorian times with grey brick used in London. Large bay windows are classic of the time with inset porches and archways. Internally ornate cornices and tiled fireplaces were a sign of wealth and prosperity. 

If you are planning to restore a period property and wish to give an accurate portrayal of how the building was in its original form, it is essential to know the difference between the historical architectural periods and use a contractor who knows the importance of getting the detail right. 

DH Heritage have completed large and small projects on Regency and Victorian properties to bring back the character that was originally on display. When restoration or replacement is carried out with care and attention to detail the results can be stunning. 

Many period properties are now listed proerties. The guidelines and restrictions placed on these properties can be a major problem for owners and inexperienced builders or trades not used to adhering to strict measures. DH Heritage work hand in hand with property owners, architects and planners to ensure your period home is restored accurately and within budget. Our goal is for you to be proud of your home for years to come whilst appreciating the building's historical beginning. 

Please call our team for more details of period property restorative work that we can complete on your behalf.